MK Struktur™

Steel structured templates, designed to build!

MK Struktur™ zijn roestvast staal- / staalplaten cq. panelen met oppervlakte structuur voor bouwindustrie ( FC / FZ / VC ).

Deze platen worden vanwege hun design (pattern, patroon) toegepast in mallen en stempels van waaruit bouwproducten (beton, vezel-cement ed.) worden geproduceerd.

MEKA levert de structuurplaten op basis van een exclusief samenwerkingsverband.

Design-type zijn:

  • Stone pattern
  • Holt / wood pattern

Andere benamingen:

  • Stainless steel templates
  • Structured steel
  • SYRO 5000
  • SYRO 7000
  • Vezelcement platen (Fiber Cement / Faser Zement)

Structured Steel Moulds with Stone or Wood Pattern

These steel templates are now exclusively available @ MEKA Steel. Since 2017 - due to product optimization - these templates are much more robust compared to alterantive plastic forms and/or former basic steel flat moulds. Thanks to its new stainless steel composition and revised production method, the plates last for a very long time. MK Struktur™ tempates are highly recommended for economical and high quality production of fiber cement and concrete products.